• Is the Summer Holiday Season still possible?

    Is the Summer Holiday Season still possible?0

    Depending on the market the right answer is yes, it is not only possible but necessary.

    Are there potential risks for the summer? Yes, there are high risks, not only for people but also for the economy. A balance needs to be found.

  • The Urban Vacation Rental on the Crossroads

    The Urban Vacation Rental on the Crossroads0

    One of the biggest, if not the biggest victim of COVID 2019, is Urban Vacation Rentals for several reasons. Perhaps the principal reason is that this segment of VR is not really “seasonal,” but rather it runs all year and because it was in the middle of a huge transformation which is suddenly being interrupted. Also, a very high percentage of the OTA´s business was based on Urban rentals.

  • Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

    Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish0

    This article isn’t about the message that Steve Jobs launched to the world, particularly to Stanford students at their graduate ceremony. (Watch it again)
    But it has part of its message and has certain inspiration because those points may make sense now if you have to choose your way to react to these uncertain times.