One Hundred a Day for Summer Holidays

One Hundred a Day for Summer Holidays

This is just a Business proposal base, where you can adapt to your own properties pro folio. Get the idea and use it to get bookings for next summer

It seems that by mid-June, or perhaps even sooner, infections will begin to drastically decline. 

Most of the population should be immune and governments will begin reducing quarantine measures. With that said, many people will still be hesitant out of fear and may elect to remain self-quarantined even longer.

Summer is around the corner and agencies have a small window to strengthen their position, but they will need to be proactive if they want to capture new booking opportunities. 

The economy might be devastated but people will still need to get out for some fresh air and a much-needed holiday. 

Not everyone will be in the position, but there are a lot of people who will save money during this confinement period, and they will be very happy to spend it on the right SALE offer that comes in.

Now is the time bet on your next season and fill your calendar. Here is the proposed offer:

100 a day and 50% Fee cancellation if the cancellation comes 15 days before arrival.

As we get closer to May and as you begin to assess the results of your promotional offer, you may consider reducing or increasing the rate. Just keep in mind that the 100 a day offer seems like a very reasonable price, even if the traveler risks losing 50%.

Now ask yourself this: would you like to have all of your properties booked right now at 100 a day, or would you rather keep the calendar blocked with zero bookings?

There are many Property Managers that already have confirmed bookings for summer. They are lucky that many travelers have already booked, but there are also many PMs that are dealing with cancellations and right now they feel miserable.

So I urge you to go ahead and try it. What do you have to lose?

If you are one of those agencies that are really mad at OTAs right now, here is a TIP: they are not investing a single €/$/pound on Google AdWords right now, so the cost on keywords is very low. There are thousands of amazing SEO and Digital Marketing professionals that can bring you traffic and convert visits into bookings.

SO GO TRY! 100 a DAY and if you think it is too low, try 200 instead.

José Vázquez

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