Want to improve your sales with OZONE? Find out how.

Want to improve your sales with OZONE? Find out how.
Pay Bis Nord SL - Majorca company who cleans Properties

Cleaning & Disinfecting procedures currently sit on the list of top 3 things to change if you want to keep bookings and gain new ones. We will be publishing 2 more articles on the TOP 3 things to change, but for today our focus is on cleaning.

Obviously, most Vacation Rental Property Managers make a great effort to maintain clean properties for their guests. Today, however, cleaning and disinfection has become the most important factor in choosing a house for your next vacation.

There are many methods of disinfection and cleaning, but there is nothing like OZONE. Ozone treatments may be more expensive, but there are many companies that offer a cleaning certification, which is a huge selling point to prospective guests before they even look at pictures of the HOUSE.

What are the benefits of OZONE?

Ozone is a gas with no secondary effects, it is not toxic, and does not leave any trace or waste behind. It is proven to kill Coronavirus, and also kills odors and other pathogens.  

With Ozone, the virus is killed instantly and it is not necessary to use other products that leave an intense odor behind. Some cleaning products have been known to leave behind odors that can cause headaches in some people.

There is an example of a visionary Property Manager in Majorca who saw this coming and started to implement these protocols before any Check-in happens in any of his properties. (Nicolas Pons from 5 Stars Home in Majorca Spain)

He charges an additional fee for the cost, but he guarantees 100% that the property is free of Coronavirus and other pathogens.

What is the protocol and how do they do it?

They clean the house with normal procedures and internal protocols first. Once the house is ready for the next guest, they bring the company to apply the Ozone treatment, which usually takes 2 to 3 hours. When the treatment is done, they deliver the certificate which Nicolás then sends to the guest as proof of disinfection. This provides the guest with comfort and peace of mind knowing that their rental was cleaned and disinfected with the highest standards.

What do you think is the reaction of the customer? Yes, they are happy and their experience reinforces that the rental company knows what they are doing, and they guarantee the security of their guests.

Is there any other way to gain trust from tourists?  

Word of mouth is already bringing more customers, and travelers have accepted the idea of arriving at a house specifically disinfected for their holidays. This is especially true if they are traveling with older parents or grandparents, as it looks like that will be the case next summer when families will join together again for a special Summer vacation.

Look in your area and contact disinfection companies, ask for the OZONE service and check to see if it may be worth including it in your cleaning services.

José Vázquez

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